Evolutionary Consciousness

Sometimes I think about all the models of humanity that didn’t make it, and I get all sickened.

Short-torso man, who could fellate himself, and so never bred.

Those with no aversion to gore, who would mutilate themselves and their family members and neighbors, gore their offspring, and ultimately do themselves in.

Those with different olfactory sensibilities who killed themselves eating feces and putrid flesh.

The blind, the gilled, the ultraviolent, who could not live as a society, those without linguistic capabilities, who undoubtedly resorted to aggression and other antisocial behavior.

I think also about how the propensity for rape has persisted, as rapes have surely throughout the ages resulted in successful births.

Then I consider the alternative: Civilization, which tends to favor white over black, cultivates subservience and fear, imposes notions of cleanliness and morality, favors indoors to outdoors, and chooses TGI Fridays instead of home cooking.

And I wonder if we must have it one way or the other.

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