On the Therapy Couch

O’Brien: I had this dream last night that Magnum Anvil was selling cars after a putting on a musical show. He played a solo set, by a stream, deep, deep in the woods. Afterward there were these crude, cave-art style drawings of different automobiles, black ink on cardboard, propped up against the bank. Each drawing was a different vehicle with the monthly payments below. They were all cheap. But the best deal by far was a Jeep, showing monthly payments of $75. I inquired about the gas mileage, and Magnum told me that it would get well over 50 miles/gallon. I couldn’t believe this, but decided not to say anything. Something in my face must have belied my disbelief, though, because then Magnum’s sales manager, a North Country-mechanic-looking guy decked out in flannel shirt and black jeans, with Fu Manchu sunglasses and long, slick black hair pulled back in a ponytail, intervened. He confirmed the gas mileage, and then said something about the Apostle having to go out ahead of Christ. It seems cryptic now, but in my dream it was like a revelation. He told me that I would have to put ten to twelve thousand down on the car. Which was wild, and I was crushed. Then I woke up.

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