I Often Dream of Bill Walton

Guy With a Dream: I’ve a recurring dream like once every six months that I can remember. It came again last night. I remember smoking up then playing basketball at a YMCA with Bill Walton on my team. So I get the ball and throw it to my teammate who puts in an easy layup. Then Bill Walton gets all up in my face saying “No! No! No! You pass to the passers, they pass to the shooters!” Then he makes some degrading comment about the smoke inhibiting my performance and puts someone else in instead of me. So I get pissed and walk out of the YMCA. Any dream analysts out there know what this could mean?

Karl Jung: The Bill Walton archetype commonly symbolizes one’s inability to shoot hoops while stoned on marijuana. So you need to sober up and work on three-point land. Cut out the middleman. That’ll show Walton.

Sigmund Freud: The marijuana cigarette you were smoking symbolizes a penis, and Bill Walton represents your father. You imagine your father is angry with you for your homosexual desires. The fact that he puts in a substitute for you indicates you fear castration. The idea that you smoke the cigarette and still play adequately, but yet are still castigated by your father for playing incorrectly, indicates that you believe homosexuality, while a deviant methodology, is perfectly adequate for achieving sexual stimulation. You would also like to have sex with your mother, though this was not in the dream.

Guy With a Dream: I will never sleep again.

Bill Walton: Who’s yr daddy? Don’t get splinters in yr ass from riding the bench so long. Loser.

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