Purity: Karellen vs O’Brien

Karellen: Purity is an adulterated notion of Christian penance and outdated instinctual loathing. Death is not life in any form regardless of what these notions of purity and sacramental rebirth may lead you to believe. Purity absorbs our little selves and replaces everything in them with the slow and inexorable sedimentations of the smaller deaths: indifference, hate, obsession, the cankered tranquility of domestic life and the fevered varieties of the displaced orgasms that we experience through television, movies, books, restaurants, clothes, haircuts, tattoos, cars and professional sports. Dying is what we do all the time, and it is not entertainment. It is dying.

Guy Who Esplains Thins: If you can read this message, then you are dying.

O’Brien: We’re not going to die, Karellen. Through the Ether, you and I will live on forever! Our mental meanderings have been imprinted on the collective gray matter of humanity, which will persist after corporeal death as waveforms. They will travel through space like microwaves, these ideas which have been created or conveyed, and can no longer be destroyed. We are all eternal!

Guy Who Esplains Thins: If you can read this message, then you are dying. From microwaves.

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