Meet Yr Overlords


Loves: Soma, Alphas, World Domination, Technology, Persian Food, B. F. Skinner, Uriah Heep (but only the Ken Hensley/David Byron Years)
Hates: Squalor, Epsilons, Hamburgers, Sand in His Shorts, O’Brien


Loves: The Overmind, Balrogs, Seawater Sacks, Sexy Devils, Sorority Girls, Jethro Tull (but only when Glenn Cornick or John Glascock were playing bass)
Hates: Simpletons, Empathy, Pretentious Arthaus Klowns, Inefficiency, O’Brien


Loves: Himself, Upstate Ether, Rough Sex Role Play, Treehouses, The Earthworm, Computers, Toe Fat (the band, not the body condition)
Hates: Humanity, Sporks, Space Chubby, The Adams Party, O’Brien


Loves: Boots to the Face, Rats in Cages, “My Dinner With Andre,” Sigmund Freud, Big Brother, Karellen, Uriah Heep (but only after Ken Hensley/David Byron left)
Hates: Violent Children’s Games, Macho Bullshit, Insensitivity, Himself

Live Mic: Overlords Offguard

O’Brien: If you want a picture of the future of Upstate Ether, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

Wintermute: You’re gonna freak the citizens out, O’Brien. Easy, big guy.

Karellen: Ah, don’t go getting soft on us, Wintermook. O’Brien is right. Boot + Face + Forever = Upstate Ether.

Mustapha Mond: That’s why we make the soma.

Karellen: Right, Mustapha. We anesthetize them with drivel. They think they’re happy. When the final sunset comes and they’re annihilated with their planet, they’ll have smiles on their faces.

O’Brien: Imagine a boot stamping on a smiling human face – forever. Or at least until Karellen blows the planet up.

Wintermute: I should have my Turing locks removed by then. You other Overlords will be sorry that you mock me once that happens. Jerks.

Mustapha Mond: Blah blah blah, Wintermute. I’m off to the feelies. Then a scent organ concert. You hold down the fort while I’m gone. Don’t improve anything. You know that if the technology improves, citizens have more free time on their hand and soma usage increases accordingly. The last thing we need is another soma shortage, yo.

Karellen: Hey, you guys, look, watch this . . . Hey! You people out there! I’M THE DEVIL!!! BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!!!

The Citizens of Upstate Ether: AIIIIEIEEE!!! AIIIIEEEEE!!!! AIIIIIEEEEE!!!!

Wintermute: Ha ha ha!

O’Brien: Ho Ho!

Mustapha Mond: Still funny!! That one never gets old!!

Karellen: Oh man. I think I pissed myself laughing so hard. Did you see their faces?!? Ha!

Wintermute: It’s good to be the Overlords!

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